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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 11 The Outsider

Gold takes Hook’s crew that he captured, he push him across the border. He stills remember everything, he said his experiment is success.

While Snow and them are at Hopper’s funeral, Hook is asking Hopper about Rumple’s dagger. He tells him about Belle.

At his shop, Gold tells Belle about his trip. She wants to goes with him, but he has not enough potion.

In past Dreamy convinces Belle to get on the wagon where they head to hunt yaoguai. He gives her some fairy dust.

She is ditch by other adventure, but she could find it herself. But she alert it while it is going to attack her, Mulan stop it and it escapes. She blame Belle for that.

Hook shows up in library, he try to catch her. She escapes in elevator and call Rumple, he shows up and Hook is gone. Once they go back to his shop, he found Hook get something from his shop.

He is upset and wants to after him, he gives her a gun and tell her to shoot him if he comes to her again. Belle found that Hook comes with his ship, now she is at the dock to looking for it. And she found it, she is looking for Gold’s item.

But she found Hopper instead, she makes him out the shop and tells him to get Gold to come to her. She meets Hook during the search, he gets her gun and point at her.

Mulan helps Belle again from another adventure, she comes to ask her to help her track yaoguai. They found it but Mulan injured, she asks Belle to kill it instead.

Hook tells Belle about Rumple killed his wife, she doesn’t believe and try to tricks him and leave. But he is waiting, while he is grabbing her Gold shows up.

Belle success to knock down yaoguai, when she try to kill it. It asks her for help, she try put fairy dust on it. It changes to a prince Philips, he tells her that maleficent did to him.

Belle try to convinces Gold to let Hook goes, she success. Hopper shows up at Emma and Henry, he told them that Cora kidnapped him.

While Belle is with Gold at the border, Hook shows up and shot her. She cross the line, and now she doesn’t remember anything. While  he is going to kill him, the car approach from outside and hit Hook.