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Scorpion Season 1 Episode 13 Kill screen

While 3 men are in safe house, they are shot by unknown. Today Ralph found Brian is working on something, he is going to challenge the price for aerospace project. Ralph is really excited about it.

When Paige send him to school, NSA shows up and takes them. They excuse Ralph that he worked with cartel and hacks to CIA. Now they are going to question him, Ralph tells him that Brian teach him how to get in.

Cabe and Walter show up and take him out, now they have to find one who did this and clear him.

Sylvester tell Walter that he found the game creator, and Toby found and also chat with him. Now they head to find him, they found him at the game event.

They catch him the one who design the game, but he said he has no secret level in his game. He tell them he and partner Calvin has nothing to do with this.

They go to see Calvin but he is missing, so they take his safe instead. They found the CIA data in safe, now they are looking for him. Creator tell them may be he can make Calvin confess.

Nate goes to see Calvin, he make him suspicious he stab him and leave. Brian found that only Ralph can find this guy because he knows the game well.

Ralph guide them to his hideout, Cabe get ambush. Brian is following him, with help from Ralph in game Brian can stop Calvin.