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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 10 The Cricket Game

Cora stop Hook from going to Rumple without think that there is magic in town. While in town they are celebrate for Snow and Emma back. Regina shows up with cake, they are all surprise.

But Emma said she help them back, she also deserves this. After the party she asks Emma to see Henry more, while she refused she snapped. But she apologize and leave.

At night Cora disguise as Regina goes to see Hopper and attack him, next day Hopper’s dog tell them about him.

Emma and Ruby go to see him, they found him died. Ruby thinks Regina did. They question Regina about him, she said she didn’t goes to see him last night.

Emma believes her, she tells them to let her goes. They are looking for one who blame Regina, Emma thinks it’s Gold.

Gold thinks they has witness as dog, he said Emma can use her magic not his. She can see through its memory, it’s Regina. She is upset and going after her, Snow and David stop her and plan to captured her.

They go to confront her, Regina escapes. Now they are going to tell Henry about her, Cora back to Hook and tells him now her works done. She already also give the gift to him, it’s a Hopper. Now he can get the Rumple’s weakness from him.