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NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 24 Chernoff, K

Sam and teams get in Ivan’s hideout,¬†but they found they are chasing by arm men. But Ivan and Anna escapes.

They found that those men are mercenary seem some one also wants Ivan’s oil too. Sam and Callen found Anna and Ivan, Ivan is dead.

They take her to see Arkady, he tells them he will contact his friend to help find oil. They setup meeting with him, he told them that a lot people interest in this sell oil.

Anna decided to help them, she tell them about seller meeting. Nells found that Ivan is works for ISIS, now they have the oil.

Sam, Callen and Anna will disguise as the buyer and enter the selling, now at the place buyer gathering to find the seller they need to put virus in each device.

4 of them get in the buyer’s room and put their virus, Eric found the seller in hotel. But room is empty, they found that they just run out.

They following them in garage, Anna goes to help them. But while she is shot, Arkady protect her by take the bullet instead. Polices now come, he asks them to leave him.

Callen meets Hetty later, she tells him that Arkady alive and didn’t say their name. She tells him about his father that change his name to help people in Russia, and he died in 2008.

Callen goes to see his grave, he is sad now tonight they head home.