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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 9 Queen of Hearts

Hook sneaks in the prison, he get Belle out. But after he knows that she doesn’t know how to kill Rumple, he is going to kill her. Queen stop him, she tells him that she can help him.

She tells him about plan to remove magic, then Rumple will powerless. But he has to help her kill her mother.

Rumple try to convince Regina to help him destroy the portal, to be sure Cora won’t across it.

In past Regina send Hook to wonder land where her mother is, she is queen of hearts. He found her, he try to killed her but failed. He tells her about her daughter.

Cora and Hook shows up after found that there is no ink in Rumple’s cell. She takes their compass, and lock them in cell.

Dwarfs and Ruby found that Gold and Regina stole all the fairy dust from mine, they go to ask Henry about it.

Cora used Hook to get closed to Regina, she pretend to died. But instead of killed her, she tells Hook that they have to protect themselves from her curse. She tells him that after 28 years from now curse will be broken, he will get revenge and she also get what she wants.

Snow found the ink in Rumple’s scroll, it break the prison. Aurora tells them to tie her, they rush after them. Cora open the portal, Rumple also put the trap at the entrance.

Emma and them catch up and stop them from go, while fight Hook return Mulan Aurora’s heart.

Henry shows up and convinces Regina, she tells him that she can’t let Cora destroy everything.

Cora is going to get Snow’s heart, Emma block her. But Cora can’t get out her hand from her heart, Emma somehow knock Cora down. They jump in the portal, Henry convinces Regina to stop. She stop the trap, later that Emma and Snow shows up.

Snows rush back to David and wake him up. Emma goes to ask Gold about what happen to her and Cora. He said he has no idea.

Hook tells Cora about magic bean he has, with the magic they have now they can make it alive again.

While they are happy and celebrate, ship of Hook and Cora approach.