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NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 22 Field of Fire

While nurses try to inject medicine for a man, he knocks them down, take their cloth and escapes out hospital.

NCIS found that man is Corner, he is retired and back home but he has problem to adjust.

They talks with his family and his doctor, they found nurses has bad attitude to him. They found some drug under his bed, Nell shows them that after attack some body wait him and pick him up.

Hetty and Granger think may be staff at hospital has problem, they are going to infiltrate in with Kensi as patient and Deeks as hospital inspector.

They talk to a man the Corner bump into before leave, they get partial plate and driver look.

Deeks found something suspicious about one of nurse that Corner attacked. He run, but Deeks grab him. They question him, he tells them that he takes patient pill and sell. He tells them about man Mark who visit Corner before he run off.

They found Mark is one of the extreme group which one to get rid all muslim, Deeks and Kensi go to asks cab who pick him up. He tells them about where he drop him.

They goes to where the extreme group leader is, then they see one of muslim is shot. They found shooter escapes from opposite building, they try stop them but they escape.

They found that shooter is not Corner, next they question group leader. They think he make them do dirty job for them.

They found Mark, once they shows themselves he run. He try to shoot them, he is killed. They found that the muslim is killed is one of terrorist they try to stir up the problem.

They found the possible Corner’s target, if he success it will stir up problem with muslim. Now they go check all roof, they spot him at nearby building.

Kensi stop him before he shot the target, Sam and Callen arrest him.