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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 8 Into the Deep

Hook found Cora after he land on ground, she upset because he betray her. Cora is gonna used village people to get them.

They found from Aurora that she meets Henry in her dream, Snow tells them it’s sleeping curse.

Snow thinks Rumple can help them, now they use Aurora as the way to communicate with them.

Henry wakes up and tells David and Regina about them and also about Cora. Regina goes to tell Rumple about her.

Gold tells them about magic ink, but before Aurora hear it. Mulan wakes her up, they are attacked. Aurora’s captured.

Cora wants to exchange Aurora for compass, Snow thinks they must stop Cora. She think she also can goes to communicate with Henry, but she needs more sleep powder. Mulan takes them to produce more.

Hook release Aurora from jail, he wants her to tell Emma that he will get the powder. He wants deal with her.

While the other side, David asks Rumple to put him under sleeping curse. They prepare one for him, he put himself under sleep curse. While Snow is sleeping with sleeping power.

Finally they meet each other, he tells her about the ink. Snow wakes up and tell Emma about ink, but they found that the compass is gone. Mulan get it out to exchange with Aurora. But they catch her up, then Aurora shows up.

Cora actually speaks through her heart, she is controlled by Cora.