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NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 21 Beacon

Arkady is following by someone, he confront that man and he is killed by him. He burn him down before left.

At NCIS they shows Callen the Arkady video, he thinks his past get him. Now they need to find out who kill him.

Deeks and Kensi go to check Arkady’s house, someone was there looking for something. Callen and Sam go to check the crime scene.

Deeks found the print of suspect, Eric checked and found who is him, Deeks found where he hide the secret.

While Sam and Callen having lunch, they meet Arkady. They ask him what happen, he tells him he get someone try to kill him. But he kill him and burn his car. He tells them he want their protection.

But they found Arkady is hiding something from them, he said he will tell them what they needs. He tells them that he manage the meeting between shipping company and russian. It carried the oil.

They thinks the partner of other guy might know where ship is, they setup Arkady as bait. They found he is coming, but Deeks found that man already dead so who is coming to them.

But that guy aim to the ship company owner instead, Sam shot him. They found he is contact killer. They thinks russian hire them to stop them from turning the ship back.

Nell and Eric tell them that they can’t find the ship anymore.