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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 7 Child of the Moon

While dwarfs dig the mine to find fairy dust, they accidentally found the cave. David and Blue comes to see them at cave, they found fairy dust. Now they can bring them home.

At diner, George goes to see David. He threaten him to take him down. David found that Ruby and her grandmother build the cage. She told him about wolfstime.

Next morning, her grandmother found out that the cage is broken. She call David to looking for her, they found her in wood. She worried that she might killed someone.

In past Red found Quinn, he is a child of the moon same as her. He tells her there is a way to control wolf inside. He shows her the place where her kind are, she meets her mother. She tells her how to control wolf.

David and them found Bill’s body, Ruby thinks it’s cause by her. She wants him to locked her in cell. George shows up threaten him to give her to town.

Regina asks Gold to help about Henry’s nightmare. He gives him something that he might can control his dream.

David moved Ruby to the library instead, he thinks George and mob will looking for her. But Ruby thinks she should pay for what her done, she leave to the mob.

David and Granny is looking for real killer, they found her hood and they found that it’s George who try to blame her.

They go to stop them from killed her, George and mob following Ruby and found her. They stop them before they killed her, David tells them about the truth.

George get chances and escape, Ruby and David following him. They found him, he burned his hat to stop him from get his family back.