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NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 20 Rage

Callen goes back to prison with his undercover, Walinski. NCIS is checking on Dallas, he also imprison at same as Callen. He has the nuclear bomb material in possession, Callen found that Dallas get out.

While guard transfer them to outside, the driver has heart attack and crash the bus. Callen free few of them and get out, but it’s actually a plan to infiltrate with them. The driver is Granger.

They takes him to his place and found King, one of them said Dallas will comes to meet them soon.

Callen inform his team, Kensi shows up as his girlfriend. Next day Dallas shows up, now they plan to rob the bank. They plan to kill the hostage, Callen goes in with them. He alert the NCIS about it.

Now they surround the bank, Sam call in. Dallas tells them to send manager or hostage died. They exchange manager with hostages, now they demand them the bus in exchange of hostages.

After 2 hours, they get no movement in bank. They break in, they found hostages, one of them and big hole that they use to escape.

Dallas and them hide in the old warehouse, he seems doubts Callen. They start to beat him to find out. Sam try to question who Callen left behind about where is Dallas’s plan.

Sam and FBI found where they hold Callen, they come in and rescue him. They get Dallas.