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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 6 Tallahassee

Hook tells them story about giant who grow the bean, he has the magic items from Cora. He and Emma will climb up.

11 years ago, Emma steal Neal’s car while him hide inside. But later she found it’s not his car either, they start the relationship like this. She working con with him, until he ask her to move out with him.

Emma and hook get on the top and found big castle, she found why that Hook after Rumple. Now they plan to attack him with sleep powder from Mulan, they knock him down. They are searching for compass but not found yet, the giant is wake up and coming to them.

Neal meets August, he tells him that if he loves her. He must leave her, he tells him about story. After that Emma get caught by police, he tells her that Neal ditch her. She is taken to custody.

Giant get Emma, she try to explains to him. He won’t listen, she bite him and make him trap. She didn’t hurt him, he free her and give her compass. Emma lock Hook in the vault and leave him.