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NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 19 Blaze of Glory

While military testing their missile, it turn out they lost control on missile. It crash into private boat.

NCIS has to check that the other system is also compromise, Sam and Callen go to check the rest of boat. They found the drug in the rest of boat, Deeks and Kensi go to check the contract company. They tell them they suspect inside job.

Nell found from partial plate that the boat belong to dentist, Sam and Callen go to see him, he tell them his son might be on the boat. but his son fine, he tells him about drug found it’s for dentist.

Deeks and Kensi question his son, he tells them about Josh. He might wants to hurt him, while Sam and Callen found the woman send something to dentist. But they are blocked by local police that reported for them, she escape.

They try to get Josh, Hetty introduce new intern Blaze. They will use her to infiltrate the hacker group to get Josh.

Sam and Callen following her again to the theater, they found Malee. She is dentist’s son girlfriend. She just drop what he left at her apartment.

Blaze talking with Josh, she success the infiltrate to his group. She found the evidence in his computer, Josh found her talking with someone. He is try to catch her, Deeks and Kensi shows up. She kicked him down.

They found that dentist’s son is the one who created hacker group, he tells them that Malee wants him to do it. He tells them that she told him that Josh try to rape her, so he did.

Eric and Nell found that Malee is not what she claims, they found that he hacks a lot on navy, and she knows about it.

They found dentist is dead, and the hacks software is taken. And they found they takes Blaze as hostage too. Sam and Callen following her to their place, they found them hostage her. But she run off to the park, try to hostage other they have no choice but killed her. They found the hack software.