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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 5 The Doctor

Snow and them get back to their camp, they found bodies. They found Cora killed them, and they found one survivor Hook.

Regina goes to consult with Hopper, Whale barge in to ask her to take him home. She tells him she can’t, Hopper tells him to leave. She tells him that in past after Regina learn magic from Rumple, she wants to revive her lover Daniel.

She feels uncomfortable, she left. During way back she found Daniel, but he is disappear. She back to check in her vault and found his body missing.

In past after Rumple found that she wants to revive dead, he stop teach him. Jefferson shows up, he tells her about wizard that may can do that.

He takes her to see him, Whale. After checked Daniel, he tells her that he needs the heart.

Regina goes to see Whale’s hidden lab. She found him injured, he tells her that he revive Daniel. But he’s monster, she takes him to hospital. She tells it to David, she tells him he might be at stable.

Emma thinks hook is lying, she finally make him confess. He tells them about Cora and portal, he makes deal with them to take them back with him.

David and her rush back to stable, Henry is there alone. At stable, Henry found Daniel. While he is hurting him, David and Regina show up.

Regina tells David she will talk sense to him, he is back in sense but he is in pain. He then lost himself and attack her again, she has no choice but let him go.

Hook leads them to the giant tree, he said compass to find the magic it’s on the top. But there is a giant on the top.

Daniel actually plan with Rumple and Jefferson to trick Regina, he didn’t help Daniel. He’s back to his world, and wake up Frankenstein.