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NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 18 Fighting Shadows

Group of terrorist is buying explosive from seller, when done buyer leave but they are stop by FBI. One of the men is their undercover, he is died in explosion while he check the van.

NCIS needs to check that explosive supply is not compromise, Hetty send Callen and Deeks to check it. While Sam and Kensi go to check the crime scene.

Callen and Deeks found that military didn’t supply C4 that FBI used and explode. Sam found that C4 from FBI still in the case without explode, he thinks it’s remote detonate. They also found the message from bomber.

Callen and Deeks go to question the survive terrorist, they ask him about his van. He tell them about mechanic that tow their van, Kensy and Sam go to see them. They found a mechanic, Shah. He confess about bomb and tell them that it’s not that last one.

They found that Shah is revenge for FBI that make his nephew arrested in operation, they ask him about the next target. He blames what happen to his nephew on FBI. He tells them when the next will happen but he didn’t tell them where.

Deeks goes to see his nephew tell him about his uncle, he seems happy what he did. Kensi is at the garage, she found one of his truck is missing.

Callen try to provoke Shah, he found that his target must be FBI. They found that he used a teenage to plant the bomb, Sam and Kensi try to stop them before they get killed.

They found them in the truck, Sam try to get on truck. He try to stop them, he finally convinces them to stop.