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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 4 The Crocodile

Belle has a nightmare about Gold, she wake up and found him working on magic. In past Rumple is looked down by other villager, his wife wants him to take them leave the village. But he wont’.

Next day he is told that his wife is taken out to the ship, he following her. Captain wants him to duel with him to get her, but he doesn’t want to so he lost his wife.

After Gold has a fight with Belle, she gone. Ruby offer her the room until she found her family. She also suggest her the job as librarian.

In past once Rumple becomes the dark, one day he meets that captain who take his wife again. He bump in to him, captain call him crocodile. But after see his face, he remembered him now. He asks him about his wife, he said she died.

He asks him to duel with him, he won. He rip his heart out, but his wife shows up. She tells him that she is inlove with him. She wants to exchange their life with magic bean that he wants.

Rumple asks his wife while she left their son, she tells him that she never love him. He upsets and kill her, he also cut off his hand. He left him alive, captain try to kill him with hook but it won’t work. Rumple left.

Gold goes to see David about Belle missing, they found from Ruby that she was there. She tells that she can help by smell her, she head them to her father’s shop.

They found her father, they found that he send her across the town to forget him. They are following her, man send her through the tunnel. But she found that her car is pull back by Rumple, but she is upset with both of them. She doesn’t want to see any of them.

Belle get the key to library, she found Rumple gives to her. He tells her the his truth, she forgive him.

Rumple captured one of the hook’s crew. He asks where is him, he said hook didn’t get under the curse.

Hook meets Cora at beach near Enchanted forest. She tells him they are going to Storybrook.