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NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 17 Savoir Faire

A man is ambush by 2 men, they stab him to dead. NCIS found he is Fahad, Afghanistan’s soldier. They want to check this is not hate crime.

NCiS team goes there and found DEA, but they don’t much corporate much. They found that Fahad has some security access, they think that why he is killed.

They found DEA’s officer who response for Fahad, Richards. She is at the bar, she is depressed because she is the one who vetted for these soldiers. Now one dead and two are missing.

Sam and Callen go to talks with their trainer, they found that they might not the betrayer. So it means someone will after them.

Eric and Nell found that one of the 2 missing is kidnapped, one of the kidnapper is the terrorist. They tell them they need to find him before he tell them about Afghanistan plan to stop drug of terrorist.

Nell found the last one has suspicious intention to comes in US, but Sam would’not agree. They think he will try to contact who he can trust, Sam and Callen waiting him at the Afghanistan Consulate.

The last one Kamal shows up, they approach him then the van shows up. He start to run, Sam and Callen get a guy from van. The rest takes run off.

Callen question a man who captured, Sam and Kensi following Kamal. But when she approach him, he run out. They corner him, they talks to him and convinces him to help to find his friend who abduct Abdul.

They found where they might torture Abdul, Kamal said he will distract them while the other break in. They killed the guard and get Abdul, he said he didn’t say.