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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 3 Lady of the Lake

In past while Charming plan to get kingdom back from King George, Ruby shows up tell them his new general “Leviathan”. Then they get attacked, Charming tells Snow to be with his mother, he will back with her later.

Leviathan notices Snow, he goes to stop her from leave. He tells her that his name is Lancelot. He captured her with him.

He takes her to see King’s George, he tricks her to drink something that will not allow her to have a baby. After that they left her in wood, Lancelot comes to see her and tells her about King’s order.

He sent solider to kill Charming and his mother, they rush to them but it’s too late. His mother is shot by poison.

Charming tells them that he saw lady of the lake near by, she might be able to help. His mother also tells her that it might lift her curse too.

Once they are at the lake, they found it’s gone. But they found one sip of lake water, they give it to his mother.

Present, Snow found that their leader is Lancelot. Snow try to tell Emma that Cora can’t be trusted. He tells her about ogres in wood, they should safe in camp. She tells him she wants to go to portal, he agreed but they must be with Mulan.

Snow leads them to her home, she think may be wardrobe that used to send Emma still works. At night they encounter the ogres, but Snow get it.

Henry found from Jefferson that probably there is something in Regina’s vault can help, he sneaks in to get the key. He found the vault, but instead get the hat he found snakes. David shows up and help him from it.

Snow takes Emma in her old bedroom, they found that wardrobe. Then Cora’s show up, she attacked them. Emma burned wardrobe before Cora could get hand on it.

After they left, Cora show up and collect the left of the wardrobe. It’s become a small plant.