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NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 16 Expiration Date

Sam and Callen get their weapon and go in warehouse, they found Ella and Thapa. While they arguing, Sam is snipe down. Thapa said it’s not him.

At NCIS, they are join task with Thapa to found out who is sniper. They thinks that Thapa is ordered to get Ella back to India, but they try to killed her instead to stop her from leak information.

Deeks,Kensi and Thapa go to check where sniper was, they found the sniper is one of Thapa’s men.

Callen wants Ella to gives him the list of nuclear in india to him, he tells her that Sam is dead. She gives him the list he requested.

Deeks and them found detectives dead near by, they think that Thapa is near by. They check inside the warehouse, they found the several arm men. They retreat and left some to kill them, but they manage to get them.

One of them before died tells them that Ella is not target, Thapa is. Callen tells Ella that the list she gave is wrong, he think she give wrong information to CIA. CIA agents show up and get her back.

Thepa wants to talks to her, he and Deeks go to see her. He suddenly upset to her, CIA takes her out.

Callen found that Ella is double agent, Hetty confirm about it. But he thinks she is belong to india.

Sam is safe now, they all go to see him. Sam tells them before he down, he see Ella put the tracking at Thapa, Kensi get Eric on phone. They tell them that there is a fake nurse in hospital. They separate out to check them.

Deeks spots 6 of them, they are heading to Thapa. They killed them all, one of them try to kill Sam. Thapa get the bullet instead, he is dead.

Callen goes back to Ella and asks list of her group.