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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 2 We Are Both

7 dwarfs go to check the border of storebrooke, they choose Sneezy to cross line first. David goes to see Regina about her hat, but she can’t help him without magic.

In past Regina’s mother cast barrier spell on the border to prevent her leave, she force her to married a king.

David goes ask Blue about portal that they use to send Emma, she said without fairy dust it won’t work. 7 dwarfs shows up and tell them that if they leave border they will lost memory.

Regina goes to find the magic book from Gold, she threaten him to tell other about his secret. He gives her the book.

David and Henry try to find the owner of the hat, he thinks that Gold has magic that can find people. He exchange him with promise that they will both on each other way. He tells Gold abut border.

Regina get her magic back from the book, she goes to get Henry back. David following the hat with magic to the owner, but he tells him that he can’t help.

Ruby shows up and tells him that town people try to leave after found that Regina get her magic, they go to stop them leave. He convinces them to fight her with him, he then goes to see Regina for Henry.

Regina lets Henry go with him, she try to win his heart. She tells him that she wants to redeem, David asks her about enchanted forest. She tells him yes it’s exists.

Everyone in town get back to work as usual, David tells Henry about forest. So he thinks they still alive.

Mulan captured both of them and takes to their homeland. They locked them in pit, they meet Cora, Regina’s mother.