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NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 15 Forest for the Trees

Sam and Callen go to meet a man, but they found it’s a setup they are kidnapped. Deeks and Kensi found they are missing, after check they inform Granger and Hetty about them.

They wake up in the captive, they are held tight there. At NCIS they found that they following the tip of missing NSA.

At captive, Sam found the access panel on ground. They get into and try to escape. Deeks and Kensi go to check where they are missing, they found how they kidnapped.

Sam and Callen get out, but they found that it’s easy for them to escape. But they found electric fence, then someone shows up tell them not to move.

They found they are trip by wire trap, they escape it. They meet a missing NSA, he tells them he thinks they are ISIS.

At NCIS they found the people that may links to their kidnapped, Deeks and Kensi go to see one of them. He run off when they are approach, they catch him.

They found the missing equipment that robbed from government, but he refused it. They threaten to sell him, they asks him who he sell those equipment.

Eric found the lead on Callen and Sam, but Grenger want Deeks and Kansi to another mission.

Sam and Callen try to break in the building to shutdown the electric fence, inside Sam found another captured. He tells him that his NSA, Callen notices that man. He tells him now his assistant director and his informant is dead.

Grenger, Kensi and Deeks go to the mission. He is meeting with his informant, outside group of men arrive with arm. But they found no one.

Callen tells him that they knows he fake since beginning, they give him wrong information. Now they should be taken down, he start to run off.

Sam goes back to open the electricity fence, that guy get electrocute and knock down.