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Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 1 Broken

Price Philips finally found a princess Aurora, she sleep in the castle. He kiss her and make her awake.

She asks him about Melifician, he tells her she is gone now but there is a new danger but they will pass it.

At the Storebroke, David and Snow meet Redhood girl and her grandmother. They are all safe now, Emma is realize all story are true. They also found that the magic is back.

But they wonder if curse is lift, why they still stuck in town. They thinks may be because Regina, but Emma think it’s not.

Belle wants Gold to promise her not to revenge Regina, while at town. They found Whale gather town people to revenge Regina. He thinks they should stop them before get killed.

Soul sucker is shows up to Prince Phillip, he chase it out and cut off its necklace. At storebroke, Gold also has the same necklace.

Town people found that Regina has no power, Emma and them try to stop Whale from hurt Regina. They tells them they should lock her up for their and her safety.

Gold shows up, Regina asks him what he has done. He brand the necklace on Regina’s hand.

Mulan tells Prince Philip and Aurora that thing is Soul sucker, Philip found his hand is brand.

At wood Gold summon Soul sucker out from necklace, Emma tell Snow and Prince that she is still not happy that they let her alone.

They go to see Gold and ask what he did, he said he did reunited them and Henry still alive. They notice something outside, Gold tells them that it will takes care Regina.

Aurora and Mulan found that Philip left to protect them from Soul sucker, they want to following him.

Soul sucker shows up to Regina, it sucks out her soul. Snow, Emma and Price comes to help her and chase it out. Regina said it will back, they have to send it away.

Regina get Jefferson’s hat out, she will use it to send it to their old world. It’s coming, David try to block it while Regina try to use hat. Emma touch her and give her enough power to use it.

It is sent to the old world but it grab Emma’s leg and get her too. Snow jump following them, but David missed. He is upset and wants to kill her, but now Regina has power. While she is killing him, Henry shows up to stop her. He tells her that he wants her to stop hurt them. He is leaving with David.

Mulan and Aurora following Philip but can’t stop him from sacrifice himself, soul sucker killed him. Mulan found the place where soul sucker get out, she found Emma and Snow.