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NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 14 Black Wind

At night border patrol officer is chasing the suspect car. the driver stop his car and run off, patrol and solider found the front seat dead. Something out from his nose but it’s not blood.

At NCIS they tells team that that guy is attacked by anthrax, they afraid it will turn to bio weapon. Sam and Callen will go to Mexico undercover to find out.

They go to see Agent Fuentes, they found she is their agent. She tells them about deal of cartel and bio weapon.

Eric and Nell found that the victim is infected by modified anthrax, they found the address that write on victim’s arm.

Deeks and Kensi goes to see a suspect, they asks him about victim. He start to run, they catch him. They question him about what happen, he tells him that victim name is Livio and he is his son. He tells them that his son works in warehouse, and he get sicks. He try to smuggled him to hospital before he get caught.

Nell and Eric found a man Faud that may be involve about anthrax, Sam and Callen go to question him secretly about anthrax. He panic and left.

While Sam and Callen moving to new place where Faud work that Agent Fuentes give them the address, they found their car is sabotage.

Deeks and Kensi make a deal with that father, he will shows them where is drug tunnel. in exchange to see his family. They get in and get shooting at, but father is hit during shooting.

Deeks and Kensi continue the tunnel, they get up on storage room near warehouse where Sam and Callen are. They send them to secure father’s family before cartel found. They encounter the assassin from cartel, she takes him out.

At the warehouse  they found Faud dead, but Nell also tells them Faud just cross border. They found that man pass the border is Gonzalez,  he is doing to revenge his father.

Nell found he is a pilot also, they thinks he try to drop anthrax from sky. They spot him at the helicopter pad, they head to there.

They approach him, he try to take off. They break his helicopter from take off, he try to shoot them back. They shot them down before he release the other anthrax.

Father’s family is at the hospital to see his son.