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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 10 Full Stop

Fisher comes to meet Les, he wants him stop investigate about Ed’s dead. He has no choice but let it goes.

Tonight Fisher goes to meets with Camille and Kirsten, but before he said anything to her. Cameron shows up, they left to bathroom. Then they heard the gun shot, they found out that Fisher and Cameron are shot.

They send them to hospital, they still alive. Kirsten wants to get in the waitress’s body. Maggie tells them only Cameron can pilot the stitches, they have to wait.

Next day Cameron backs, but he won’t remember much. Now they start the stitches on waitress.

She see what’s happen yesterday night, guy in wheelchair shoot at them Fisher push Cameron away to save him. He is hit by him, now Kirsten goes to see his face. They found him he was the first security of Stitches program. Robert. Maggie tells them he was hired by Kirsten’s mother.

Kirsten found the bank that key she found belong to her, she goes to see what’s inside. She found the book that missing from Ed’s house, she shows it to Cameron. They found the memory card, there is video inside.

It’s about her father experiment on her while she is child, she get in her mother memory. But system failed, her mother died and she has illness.

Maggie with polices goes to see him, but they found his body. Now they are going to stitches him to see what happen.

She found him talks to someone on phone about killing Fisher, she found him argue with someone in car. She can’t tells them much about that car, then she see he was with her family when young.

Then she bounces back to where he on phone, woman on phone knew that Kirsten will hear them she pass the message to her to keep working on Stitches.

After out she decides to hide it from them, next day Kirsten goes to visit Fisher. She tells him that she heard the message from Robert. She asks what is he remember, but he won’t.

Cameron thinks of something, they back at lab. He tells her to stitches into him. He might see the license plate, but they against it.

Les shows up and approved this, but everyone still against it. Cameron stop his heart, now they have not to waste it. She get in his memory, she found his memory about her.

She found his memory about car is useless, she see his child memory too. Seem Kirsten and Cameron saw each other before.

Now she’s out stitches and they are trying to get him back.