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NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 13 In the Line of Duty

At US Consultant in Tunisia, they are attacked by arm men. At NCIS Granger tells them about the attack, they will join with FBI to solve it.

They found they try to kill the Ambassador Kelly, Callen propose that they can go in as small team and get them out. He and Sam will go there alone to find the evidence about killers.

Deeks and Kensi go to check about one of solider that dead, Harris. Callen and Sam get in Tunisia Embassy. They found that the attacker is not usual terrorist.

While they scanning the room with bodies, the attackers notice and head to them now. They get out with the evidence, Nell found that few of terrorist just arrived at US.

Next day they rebuild the crime scene they just scan from Embassy, Nell found that Harris’s boss just goes to see him 2 days before the attack.

After see the crime scene, Sam and Callen thinks they died by smoke. While Deeks notice on of the terrorist at Harris’s office, he found he carried a gun. He shows him self, they shoot back at them. 2 of them escapes, they found that they just visit the bank before head there.

They found that Harris’s boss made the contact with CIA, Sam and Callen go to see him about Harris’s boss. He asks him about “Dogleg”, he tells him that it’s black ops of CIA.

Ambassador arrives at the NCIS to check the progress, Callen and Sam tell her that they think it’s an attempt to kidnapped her. From the pictures they had, they found they try to kidnapped Harris.

She tells them about Dogleg ops, she confess that she argue with Harris about it. She tells them that Beck, Harris’s boss is the ops leader. They thinks terrorist after Beck not her.

Deeks and Kensi go to protect Beck, but too late he is abducted. They found that who is kidnapped him is Zarzi, they found his address. They are going to help the hostage, they are breaking in.

They found Beck hostage by Zarzi, Deeks knock him down from the back.