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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 9 Future Tense

Maggie tells Kirsten that she thinks Liam is may danger to the Stitches program, she won’t agree.

Now they are looking for case of Vanessa, she is psychic. She and her colleague Jessica worked together until Jessica found her body. Now they need to check what happen.

Kirsten get in her memory, she didn’t find who killed her but instead she someone strange a woman to dead. She thinks Vanessa witness the murder.

They go to ask around her colleague, Jessica tells them that Vanessa see things. Kirsten then see think thing just happen like in her memory, she also meet the woman that strangle to dead. Seem Vanessa can see the future.

They talks to that woman, she tells them Vanessa reading her several times. She has the promotion tonight, they are going to keep her alive.

At morning, Liam tells her that he is been following. He thinks it’s because of her, now he wants to know what is she doing.

Kirsten gets in memory again, but she found herself in the future. She see Mia is killed, nobody believe her. She thinks she will going to save by herself.

But at Mia’s, she found Cameron. And also Liam, he is upset at them and left. After Mia’s opening finish, they found she back to the building and also Haussen.

They get inside and found Haussen strangle Mia, they separate them. Hauser tells them that he caught her when she try to burn the place down.

Kirsten found out that it’s Mia that killed Vanessa because she try to stop her. Mia panic and light up, Fisher shows up and catch her.

Tonight Liam is breakup with her, after left he called someone.