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NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 12 Spiral

Blanchard is upset because his office still not done, Callen tells him he is working on it. Callen is infiltrate to get to the arm dealer, then group of arm men coming and start to hostage them.

He try to negotiate with them but they shot him down, Sam tried to contact him inside but he can’t.

NCIS now see the hostage video demand, they want them to release their men from prison. They check how to get in to help hostage.

Deeks, Kensi and Sam infiltrate inside, Sam found that building is wired explode. They arrive at the floor that hostage, they spot the man with explode switch.

Callen found they try to kill one hostage, he try to distract them. They are gonna kill them both but Sam get in and shoot at them.

Sam tells him about the bomb they found, they think they hostage to distract them. They are looking for something.

Deeks and Kensi try to disarm the bomb, Granger found from Blanchard’s girlfriend that Blanchard must has something on that office.

They found Blanchard is focus on the medical company on some floor, Sam and Callen found the woman he helped, she tells him she know why they attack the building.

She tells them that her company made the bio weapon by accidentally. And she thinks they after it. Nell tells them her company suppose to do project “spiral”.

Granger tells them that the virus must not get out the building, Deeks successful disarm the bomb in the floor.

Eric tells them about that woman, seem she is one of them. She notices that they know her now, she threaten them with virus.

She breaks the vial at Callen, he closed the secure door lock him inside. She escapes to the roof, she is going to get on helicopter. Sam shot her and her pilot dead.

CDC comes and check him, 2 weeks later Callen wake up. Sam tells him that the company already make antidote, so he is safe now.