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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 8 Fire in the Hole

While Kirsten get at Stitches, she found it has problem and there is alarm everywhere. Cameron grab her run to the room, where they make surprise birthday party for her. But she won’t surprise at all.

Now they look about case about Barmal, she suicides last night. They need to find out why she did.

Kirsten get in her memory, she found that Barmal works on hazard material. Maggie tells people who has not necessary to get out. While Kirsten continues, she found that she takes off her protection and inject herself with something.

They found she infected herself with spanish flu, then she heard the alarm in lab. Cameron tells her to get out, Maggie shutdown the lab.

Seem Barmal is infected, now they have her body in lab so they are infected too. They try to find more information about that virus, Les tells Maggie that he needs her to isolate Kirsten. She needs to survive, but she won’t agree to get isolate.

She wants to get in again, this time she see Barmal write some formula. She get out and write it down, Camille notices that Linus start to get fever.

Now they start to sick one by one, they use computer to find the cure base from what Balmar left. Finally it found the good cure, it’s match with what she saw. But what’s she miss ?

Maggie shows Kirsten the missing part of her’s picture, she tells her that her parent is behind the Stitches program.

Kirten realize that her serum will works when heat, they increase the lab temperature. While Fisher try to get them the serum, he success. Now they get rid the virus and safe.