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NCIS Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 11 Humbug

An officer while patrol, she found 2 Santas just rob the shop. One of them hostage the woman, but he is surrounded and captured, he is Billy.

At NCIS, they investigates these 3 Santas. They burn the server of this computer company which Weber is who did about malware work for government, DOD wants to be sure that nothing secret is stolen.

But Hetty tells Callen and Sam that they have to maintain cover from a hostage woman Joelle, so Deeks and Kensi go to question her instead.

But they found that Billy escapes during transport him here. Deeks and Kensi goes to see Weber, they found that he create the malware for test. He said it’s bad ass, if it’s leaks.

Nell found the other 2 Santas, while they are following them. Eric found that they get the malware for military electric system, this can cost a fortune. They goes to see Billy associate, Tate. He tells him he has nothing to do with him.

Kensi and Deeks get other 2 Santas, Leroy and Stuart. They question him about malware, both of them said Rex has it.

Callen thinks that Rex hide the mailware at Joelle while hostage her, he will goes back to get it. Eric found that Weber stolen money from Tate, but Rex found it first.

Callen goes to see Joelle, he tells her that he finish the meeting earlier. While in house he found malware.

Hetty and Sam question Weber about what he did, he confess that he tells Rex about his malware and how value of it. He tells them that he tell Rex Joelle’s address.

Callen spots Rex and his men, Kensi and Deeks get one. While the other break in her house, Callen rush her out. He shot one of them down, his cover now blow. He takes her hide and he knocks him down.

Callen explains Joelle about him, but she asks him to leave. Next day he meets with her, she try to forgive him.