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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 7 The Root of All Evil

Today a stranger comes to Kirsten home, Liam. She tells Camille that he is her boyfriend.

At Stitches Maggie shows them Jane Doe found by hiker, now they are going to see what happen to her.

Maggie tells Camille to check Liam and report to her, now Kirsten get in her memory. She is at the party pool, she is looking for where is it so they can identify her.

After she gets out she still can’t get her name, but Camille from her house from magazine that Kirsten see in her memory.

Maggie and them go to see her parent at her house, she confirms that it’s her house. Maggie tells the owner the Parks about body, but they refused that there is any daughter. Kirsten thinks they hide something, they are upset and tells them to talks with their lawyer. While Camille goes to spy on Liam.

Linus found who is she, from the dog name from memory. He found Brenda, they go to see her room. They found thing she stole.

They found her friend, Sadie. Cameron is going to check about her, while tonight Liam asks Kirsten for dinner.

Cameron and Linus asks Sadie about Brenda, she tells them that Brenda stuck with Parks for hours. He rush to get Kirsten, she is going in her memory again.

She see Brenda is hiding in bedroom while Parks and some woman come with him, she try to blackmail video him. She meets someone while she walks her dog, he push her down the hill.

While dinner with Liam and Camille, Kirsten found that killer is a woman. They sneak in Parks’s house to find evidence then they will tells Maggie about it.

While they are searching, Parks wife arrive. Kirsten tells her that she knows that she killed Brenda and frame her husband. Because Brenda blackmail her for affair, so she has to kill her to keep from her husband.

She try to gun down her, Kirsten throw her box to her. At Stitches Maggie tells them do the good job, she tells Les about Liam that he’s too perfect. He might involve with someone.

At night Liam propose Kirsten to marry him.