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The Flash Season 1 Episode 23 Fast Enough

They put Wells in the cell, Barry goes to see him and asks him why. He tells him that he comes here to kill him as child, but he failed because Flash help him out. He kills his mother instead, to make him sorry.

He tells him that he wants him to goes faster so he can goes back home, he tells him if he goes back to past he will be able to safe his mother.

They tells him it’s very dangerous, he will has no idea how today of him will become. Joe tells him that he should do.

His father tells him should not do, Iris also agreed that he should do for himself. He goes to see Wells he tells him how to use particle accelerator.

Barry also asks Cisco to build time machine for Wells, while Cisco goes to asks Wells about machine. Wells notices something of him and tells him that he also affected by that explosion.

While they are preparing, Stein found that if Barry reach certain speed he might end up create the worm hole and destroy the city.

They ask Wells about this, he said he has around 1 minute to change his past and come back to close wormhole.

After Caitlin marriage with Ronnie, that night Barry is going back to the past. He run fast enough and start to see the time force, they start to process to create wormhole.

Barry now is at the past, but he found himself tells him not to help his mother. He lets reverse flash kill his mother, once he left. He found his mother still alive, he talking with her.

At lab, they are sending Wells to the future. While he is going, Flash come in and destroy his machine. They start fighting, while Caitlin and Ronnie try to close the wormhole.

While reverse flash is going to kill Flash, Eddie shot himself. Cisco tells them as he is his ancestor, once he died. He will never exist, reverse flash is disappear.

Now they found the wormhole open itself again, it start to suck up city. Barry wants to try stop it, he run inside it.