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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 6 Finally

Today Cameron and Kirsten are at Marta’s funeral, she tells him what Marta told her before died. But he doesn’t believe.

At Stitches, Maggie tells them about Dani’s case. She found dead in car accident, they need to check what happen.

Kirsten get in her memory, she see her try to keep her secret. She also found her talked with her coworker about treatment they just done. Then she just keep bouncing in her the memory, she saw Dani argue with few people.

Then she see how her car lost control and get accident, she get out and tell them. Camille found that her car is hack and make accident.

They go to see her roommate and her sister, she tells them Dani’s live is only work. They go to see her workplace, one of her colleague lies to them about Zuber won’t come to work. But they found Zuber, he asks her about her illness and He is willing to cure her. She think she can check what happen by acts like patient.

Maggie approves their plan but she needs to wired, she get in and OK with him to start the treatment.

Zuber start his treatment on her, She tricks him to believe that his treatment works. He seem happy, she lefts him and tell the team that she saw Dani tells him the his device not works but he doesn’t believe.

Tonight Kirsten gets back to Zuber’s facility, she get in Dan’s office. She found lease paper, while she looks around George is one of colleague shows up. She tells him about Zuber is killer.

He offer to help her, while he distract her. He attacks from the back after she tells him how she knows her car is sabotage.

Kirsten found that George and Zuber worked together, now they are going to test the device on her. He open the device, she start to remember all her past. Then Cameron, Linus and Camille shows up and help her out the device.

Police now arrest George and Zuber, when Kirsten arrives her place. She meet Les, he tells her that he is friend of Ed. She asks him about purpose of the program, he said he doesn’t know.

She asks him about Ed’s death, he said he died to protect her. He left, next day Linus tells her about code she found in the Ed’s tape. He said it’s map coordinate, it’s lead to where they buried her parent.

She found the secret hole and there is key inside.