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The Flash Season 1 Episode 22 Rogue Air

Cisco found something about Wells’s chair, he tells them that he found his battery for gain his speed so he can beats Flash.

They notices the particle accelerator in lab activated,  Barry thinks that is why they can’t find him anywhere.

They found him at the chamber but he run off, Barry following him. In chamber, Joe and Cisco notices Shawna. She teleport herself to them and knock them down and she try to kill Caitlin. But Iris shows up and knock her down.

Barry can’t catch him, at lab chamber Joe and them found Eddie they takes him back. They ask him about Wells but he doesn’t know much he just tells him about tube.

Cisco found tube in the chamber, he thinks Wells plug it as the source of accelerator he can’t remove it.

They think that once accelerator is on, all prisoner will died. Barry thinks they should send them to Lian yu like Olivier did.

They have problem to transport them out, Barry goes to see Snart. He tells him to help transport 5 dangers people, if they are loose they will destroy the city.

At lab Snart shows up and tell them he helps if they destroy all his identity, Barry agreed. Now they put them unconscious, and move them by trailer.

Five of them wakes up, they start the arguing and to fight. They takes them to the airport, while they are waiting ARGUS’s plane. Cisco found that their container is breach.

They get out and attack Flash, he down. Snart shows up and make them out. Barry found that they sabotage the prisoner. He left him pain…

Cisco tells them now accelerator is ready, Barry found Wells at the gate. He accepts his taunt, Ronnie shows up to help him and Arrow also comes.

Arrow shot him with arrow that disabled his speed, Barry goes to get Ronnie when he throw out. He lure him and make him hit by Ronnie after he fall down and get another disable arrow. Now they get him.