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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 5 Stitcher in the Rye

At morning someone send the book to Kirsten, she has no idea who. At stitches, they are looking for case of Justin. He wrote blog about conspiracy, they think may be he run to the problem. They think he might hand on classified information.

They need to check who he get the classified information, she get in his memory. She found that he has hidden safe in his car, they go to check his car.

While she getting his file out, it’s trick the trap and explode his car. They found it’s floppy disk, they can’t find way how to open it.

Kisten remember that at home, there is it in Ed’s stuff. She found something in disk, she print it to ask Cameron. He tells her that this is algorithm for Stitches, she tells him that she get it from the floppy disk.

She suspects that he is the one who leak, but after check he is clean. She hacks in to Linus to check, seem he is clean. So and Camille, because she is with him.

Now they are suspect Maggie, they going to see her about it. While they meet her, they are going to ask her about it. She is shot, Kirsten and Cameron chase out the shooter. But they stop after them.

They back to ask her about it, she tells them she’s not. Now they check the other in lab, but seem they found no one.

Cameron asks her again what she saw in memory, when she notices about hand with butterfly tattoo. He thinks he knows who did it. They found that it’s Martha, and she woke up from hospital for week.

Kirsten found the code in the book she received, she get the message that she is in danger.

She goes to see Martha, they back to Kirsten’s place. She is paranoid about someone might bug the place. She tells her to pack and go with her. She tells her that Stickers is evil, she already tried to kill Maggie.

Kirsten send the message to them, they called Fisher to help. While she stalled her, after she try to convince her but failed. Cameron shows up, she point gun to him.

After Fisher and police come, she get the called from someone. She walk out with the gun, police shot her down.

Kirsten thinks that Maggie call her before she died, she said she didn’t. She tells Kirsten that they will not stitching Martha.

At the parking a man Les comes to see Maggie, she knows it’s him who call Martha. She did to protect Kirsten. She tells him that she knows that he kill Justin so they can stitch him. She said Kirsten will knows one day that what is the program for.