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The Flash Season 1 Episode 21 Grodd Lives

Iris goes to see Barry, she tells him about last night. But she didn’t tells him that she knows him.

An armor man attack central city gold’s reserve, Flash rush to there. He suddenly see some pictures in his head, he collapse. That man also collapse and escape.

Iris comes to lab, she found him as Flash. She is upset that they lie to her, she left. At night Joe goes to see her, she is really upset she blame him for what happen to Eddie.

Now police and Joe help to transport the gold, they did with ice cream car. But the armor man shows up again, Flash rush there.

He knock armor man down, they found that man is Wade. They lock him in the lab, they found he knows about Flash. He tells them he is Grodd.

They shows Barry that Grodd is the gorilla that Wells and Wade experiment at lab, they try to telekinesis with Grodd.

Joe thinks if they found Grodd they will found Wells, Iris shows up and wants to help. Iris shows them the news about animal attack in sewer lately, Cisco Joe and Barry goes down the sewer.

They found Grodd evolving, smarter. Grodd attack Barry with telepathic, he takes Joe out. Joe wakes up and found him, he try to force him to shot himself but he change his mind. He tells him that Wells is not here.

At lab, they found Flash is attacked by Grodd telepathic, now they are think about device that can protect him.

They found them, he goes in. He uses supersonic punch but Grodd blocked it. It throws him throw the wall, he try to telepathy Flash again. Iris helps him to focus on her voice, Grodd found the telepathy not work.

He attack him physically but Barry lure him to hit by train, he gone with the train. Barry get Joe back.

Barry release Wade out, he tells him that he is going to hunt Grodd and Wells. Barry knows from Joe that Wells use Grodd to distract them.

Wells tells Eddie that now he has the key, now he can goes home.