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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 4 I See You

Years ago, Marta has trouble to bounces from target. Maggie tells Cameron to force her out. Cameron wakes up…

He found that his magazine is missing again, he thinks it’s his neighbor. He goes to ask him about it, he found him dead.

Fisher comes with police to check scene, he thinks he hit by mob. They thinks that probably Cameron might be the target.

Kirsten thinks she should takes a loot at him, she get in his memory. She is in his room, she found the shooter shoot him from back.

She found his telescope, seems he look across the street to another room. She get out and tells them about what he saw.

They thinks from Cameron’s room, they should learn the same thing. They setup equipment to spy.

Fisher comes to asks them about the progress, he tells Kirsten about Ed. He thinks he is suicide. Now Kirsten see couple that argue in stitches. A man is with his knife threaten his girl. They found the blood splash…

Fisher goes there and found that it’s a red paint, Kirsten tells them that victim bought one of his painting. Kirsten feels that victim try to help them.

Cameron shows Kirsten about Marta’s incident. She tells her it’s not his fault, Now they found one of the room owner invited them over.

While they arguing, she comes over and knock at door. He tells them to go to hide, he talks to her. She tells him that she knows that he is watching, she comes to thanks him about what he did for her.

Kirsten tells them that she should get back, she get in. She notices the room with close curtain, seem victim wonder why it’s always closed. While she scan all his memory what he saw, she notices that there is a place of signal near by.

Then before she get out she see the man who notices that victim spy on him, she thinks she found killer.

Kirsten and Cameron go down to look around that shop where is the signal, they found that room with curtain is not exist. She found that the wall is cover by plaster, she break into it.

They found the room, she thinks they are human trafficker. Camille tells them the van just arrive, they rush down to see it. She taunted him, the man in van try to run down them. But he miss and hit the garbage, Fisher and police come and arrest him.

Kirsten found a lot of woman in van, Fisher get confess from that man that he killed victim.