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The Flash Season 1 Episode 20 The Trap

They are in Well’s secret room, they found Wells is from future. They also spot Gideon, Barry ask her that why Wells is here. She said that he comes to kill him. Then they spot Wells is coming, Barry tells Gideon not to tell Wells.

They tell Joe and Eddie about time traveler and that room, Barry also tells them about his time travel few weeks ago.

Joe thinks about first time he met Wells, he told him that he can save Barry. Barry tells them they need to access Cisco’s memory, he wants Wells to confess about murder his mother.

Caitlin shows them the device that can access human dream,Wells shows up and help them make the device works.

At night in station they takes Cisco on device, so he could remember. Cisco get in his dream while he still can talks with them.

Cisco dreams and see Wells, he tells him about killing Nora. When Wells try to kill him, he wakes up.

Wells call Barry and tell him about fire in tower, Flash rush to there. But he found too many people in tower, he asks Wells what to do. He tells him to swing his arm to create vacuum. He did and it works.

They plan the trap for Wells at lab, Iris wants to meet him and tells Barry about start lab. she suspect the link between Flash, burning man and start lab.

They proceed the trap and make Wells in the lab with Cisco, Wells walks to him. He tells him that he didn’t want to kill Nora, Cisco get the the machine to safe from him.

While he get in the machine, Joe shots him several times. Barry try to get the bullets but one of them hit him. He is dead, they see his body change back to shapeshifter.

Wells calls them tell them that he know the trap, he will not kill Barry. He is enjoy to works with them. Barry found the video he spy on them, he setup trap for them since the begin. Barry see Iris in video too, he thinks she is in danger. He rush to find him.

Tonight Iris and Eddie are at the river, he is going to propose her. Reverse flash shows up and attack him, he is going to attack Iris. Flash shows up and stop him, Reverse flash takes Eddie instead.

Before he left, Iris found that Flash is Barry. Reverse flash takes Eddie to a warehouse, he tells him that they are family.