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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 3 Connections

Cameron and Kirsten are robbed by gun man in the park,

48 hours ago, all Ed’s stuff comes to Kirsten and Camille. They found old picture of Ed and her mother.

Today they get the case about robbery, one of tourist Lilly is killed when robbed. Kirsten goes in her memory, she found her and her boyfriend Scott.

She found that he lied to her right before she is kidnapped, she see a lot of cash that enough for him to pay someone to kidnapped Lilly. But she feels that he is innocence.

They takes Scott for questions, Fisher tell them that Lilly make the insurance before she died. Kirsten goes to see him and asks about his life insurance, she asks him about what she see. He is panic, but she still confident that he innocence.

She get in her memory again, now she see suspicious driver. She get out and tell them to find that driver. While she wants to see Scott again.

She talked with Scott but then he throw her out the room, she meets Cameron in lobby. She tells him that Scott get the driver from hotel.

Now they try to make themself as target, hotel call them the car. She see the driver from Lily memory, she tells him to send them at pier.

After walk a while they meet the gun man, he hostages them. He asks them for their jewelry, Cameron get chances and knock him down.

At last, Fisher catch the hotel reservation and the robbery and APB for the driver.