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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 2 Friends in Low Places

Kirsten back home and found her roommate Camille won’t kick her out anymore. She sorry to her, but she won’t accept it.

Today she is going in her father friend Ed’s memory. Before she get in, Maggie stop them. She tells them another case about Lisa, she tells them she died from overdose from latest drug.

Maggie wants to find out this drug before it hit another kids, they takes Lisa’s body to the place.

She now goes in her memory, but seem her drugs effect on her. She found Denise look like Lisa try to get her out, she saw another guy who put the drug in her mouth. She get out and tell them about it.

Kirsten ask Cameron to takes her home but instead she stop by the place Lisa died. She tells him she might be able to see what is missing.

They enter the club and start to ask around about Lisa, but they get not much. Outside they found Detective Fisher, he asks them about Lisa but they won’t tell him much.

They head back to house and found Camille, she volunteer to help them at club. Cameron goes to take Linus with him, now they get in the club.

Kirsten found Denise and that photographer, he said he is Danise’s boyfriend. They following them out, but Fisher show up and arrest them. She tell him about Sticker’s program.

They found Camile is the one in program too, her job is to observe her. Camille take Fisher in the program to protect them.

Now Kirsten is ready to get in this time, she see Lisa argue with Raff. Then he put her the drug. She see the address from Lisa’s memory.

She get out and tell them about the address, they thinks Fisher will be find how to get warrant to get in his address. Fish goes to get him arrest.

Kirsten found that She can’t stitch Ed anymore, she is upset. Camille tells her that she is sorry.