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The Flash Season 1 Episode 18 All Star Team Up

Tonight Eddie, Joe and Flash go to catch a lot of criminals. Dr. Kang while start her car, she got string by bee.

They go to see her body, Joe tells Barry that do not trust Cisco and Caitlin yet. At star lab they found she is sting by bee and it has too much toxic.

While they are discuss, Felicity shows up with Ray. she tells them he is her boy friend. He wants them to check his suit.

At the building a woman talks to her bee, she tells it to attack a man. At lab Cisco remember of something about Wells, Caitlin then call them for the bee attack.

He rush there and found man dead, he see a bee come out from his month. Then entire swam following him out, Flash run out the building but he is blocked.

Joe found him sting and unconscious, he almost died. Cisco tells him that he make mistake and put him at wrong way.

At night Cisco goes to see Joe, he see the memory about reverse flash and Wells. Barry tells Felicity that Wells is the reverse flash. Then he found that the lab is attacked by bee.

Barry get in the catch it before it attack Wells, Cisco found that it’s a robot bee. They has been spot by her.

They go to see mercury lab, they asks their CEO about robot bee. She tells them about brie, they tell her is also in danger.

At lab, they found the bee is activated. Felicity tracks it down and found the swam is head to mercury’s lab.

They tells Barry that he can’t go near them, Ray thinks he can stop them. Barry will get Brie. Ray distract them before they hurt mercury’s CEO.

Barry found Brie, but she send her swam to him. Felicity hacks them before they attack. He arrested her.

Joe and Barry ask Caitlin and Cisco to meet them, he tells them that he thinks Wells is reverse flash. Caitlin is defend him, Cisco tells them about his dream.