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Stitchers Season 1 Episode 1 A Stitch in Time

Kirstine get in the Peter’s room. She touches one of them and she found herself in other room with him and the bomb went off.

Now Kirstine and Camille argue over about their room, after left she is informed that her father is died because suicide.

She thinks he is not, she get the copy of the police pictures. She now hacking to federal to check. She notices something from the picture, then arm men shows up and takes her.

She found herself is in the restaurant, a woman asks her about her father. She tells her that she is Maggie and she wants her to work on her project.

She takes her to the hidden office, she said this is Stitchers program. They shows her the body, he said he is the bomber. He is here to share his memory, they plan to use her to connect to the body so she can see the memory.

They get her in his memory, she found him and his girlfriend. They want her to find out where is the other bombs.

She found that his girlfriend is stolen her works, she died from accident. And then she found he setup the bomb, she found that it’s not accident.

She comes out his memory, she tells them about the place with blue door. Then she collapsed, she wake up again in Cameron apartment.

Next day she tells them about what she saw, but they already search but they didn’t find anything. She wants to get find herself, she gets out. Cameron follows her, she goes back to get help from her friend.

They found that blue door related to 2 people that stolen his girlfriend work. They go to check her, they found her just outside her house. They talks to her while her house suddenly explode.

She asks her about another guy, they found him on the campus. She thinks the bomb is in the basement, they found him and the bomb.

From the last memory she found the key to stop the bomb, she defused it. Polices come in and found them. Maggies show up as NSA and takes them away.

She tells her that now they need to check Ed’s memory he is the stitch’s program partner and Kirsten’s father who raise her and his partner is Daniel is actual her father.