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The Flash Season 1 Episode 17 Trickster

15 years ago, Flash is chasing reverse flash to Barry’s house. He try to stop him from kill his mother, while Barry is a child also there. After fight reverse flash get out the house then he collapse, Gideon tells him that he lost his power when crash with Flash.

He found that he can’t goes back, but he is not Wells he is James.

Barry and Joe are talking about Wells, they think he try to make him the Flash. In the city the gift box drop down from sky, but people found that it’s a bomb.

Flash goes to rescue people from it, on the roof near by the trickster video himself and board cast. They found that there is previous trickster, he is James. Joe and Barry will goes to see him.

They tells him about new trickster that did exactly like him, he tells them he might found his lair.

They go to his lair, they found the hidden trap but Barry get him out before explode. They found that copycat get everything out.

They go back to ask James, he tells them about big bomb that can explode entire city. Copycat then board cast again, he said he will bomb city soon.

Wells notices some change in Barry, in past Wells and Tess is talking about name of his facility. James is looking at them from distance.

Iris tells Flash that reporter is missing, she wants him to take a look and he promised. Then Trickster board cast again he tells about where is bomb should be. Flash search full block but still not find it.

Wells thinks it’s a trick, Barry still insist to find it. And he found it, but it’s empty. While copycat get in the prison, he get James out with Barry’s father as hostage.

James tell Copycat that take him as hostage, and he tells him that he is his son Axel.

In past while Wells and Tess back home they hit by Jame’s trap, their car crash. Wells see James and ask him to help but he won’t.

Iris is at the mayor’s party, same as James and Axel. They tell the guest that the poison all of them. Iris send message to Joe, they found her at City hall.

Flash goes there and ask him about his father, but Axel put him the bomb. He tells him if he slow it will explode, Wells tells him to run to the wall. He should be able to fade through the wall. He success do it.

Flash get back and give everyone antidote, he asks them about his father. He rush and get him out.

In past, reverse flash get body from Wells. He became Wells. At night in present, Joe meets with Eddie. Flash get in and shows him that he is Barry.

They want him to throw Iris away from Mason for her safety, Barry tells Joe and Eddie that he thinks Wells is reverse flash.