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Olympus Season 1 Episode 13 Truth

Hero is attacking Daedalus, they fight over the ring of Magi. Hero killed him.

After kiss, Chronos shows up and tell them to cross the bridge. But they found invisible wall block them, Oracle and Hero again fight each other after she knows he after princess.

Daedalus found that the ring might be the weapon, Hero found the door and they all following him through it.

They see the city, Medea tells them not to look down it’s forbidden it will burn them. Now they following Oracle with eye shut, they following her until one place they all have to jump.

But after landing, all of them are in different places. Daedalus found a man look like him and he shows him the truth, Oracle meets Gaia. Medea found her sons, Hero found his princess but she doesn’t remember him.

Then all of them back to same place again, but they found they can’t return. But seems now they realize that Lexicon is a false promise.

Daedalus decided to leave, he took his ring. Hero rush and following him, he found him and fight.

Medea goes up the stairs she found, and she meet Hayde. He won’t there to judge her but her children will. Lykos judge her failed.

Hero following Oracle to the stairs, he tells her that he killed him. Then they notices Gaia, she asks Oracle to judge him. Hero thinks this is her test, he asks her to save herself.

But she said no, he also accepts the love from her. Gaia then send them to the truth. Hermes tells them that they are here to kill his father, Oracle is beaten to help Hero.

Hero found her, he wants her to leads him to Zeus. She now knows the truth about her gods. She takes him to where Zeus is imprison.

She found the golden apple, she gives him to eat when he did the door is opened. Inside they found that they are standing on the body of him.

He is looks like Hero, he asks name of Oracle she said she is Pandora. He asks Hero’s name, he said he’s cursed. Hero tells him that he comes to set him free. In exchange he asks him to kills his children.

He breaks his capture, and run out of it.