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The Flash Season 1 Episode 16 Rogue Time

Barry found himself in past, and he get into old events that happen before. Wells notices about him, Barry tells him about he goes to the past. He tells him not to tell anyone.

Barry try to stop Mark before he strike, he captured him and put in the lab. Wells upset he tells him what he does, time will find something replace it and much worse.

Snart and Mike are captured by gang, he wants them out of city. They start to knock each of them down, they tell them now they are new godfather here.

Cisco is captured by Snart by his sister, he wants him to make them guns in exchange of his brother’s life.

Barry start to move on Iris first, but she won’t accept it. She tells him there is no change between them, he backs to lab.

Barry found that Snart is back, Flash get in and stop them from attack. Snart tells him that they have Cisco. He has to let them leave.

Snart asks Cisco that who is Flash, Cisco tells him the truth. At lab they meet Cisco, Snart let him back after he tells him Flash secret.

They found Snart’s plan, he just want to divert all casino’s money out out it. They are going to attack the truck, Flash shows up and grab Snart.

Snart tells him he has to leave him otherwise all people will see his identity, he make a deal with him in exchange that he won’t expose his identity with he doesn’t hurt anyone.

At night reverse flash go to shut down the news writer who is going to expose him, After Barry see the news about dead news writer. He gain more suspicious about Wells.