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Olympus Season 1 Episode 12 Door to Olympus

Medea call off Circe to show up, she wants to exchange her life with the way to olympus. She turn to old woman, she tells Hero no Circe is inside her.

They following her to door, Circe tells them she can’t open the door. Oracle start to attack Hero, he push her down and tell her that he still her ally.

Hero tells Oracle that Zeus needs him to solve the lexicon, they found Circe is missing. They following her and found the hut, once inside she tell them to secure the door.

Something is outside try to get them, they are Siren. Daedalus try to stop Oracle, while Circe try to stop Hero from die.

Cisce takes them out to white place, they meet Hermes. He tells Oracle that she will punished to be here, he will pass Hero lexicon before he died.

Daedalus tells him to look Hero’s ring, if he touch he will died too. He use the ring and chase him out.

Oracle doesn’t want to believe it, Hero try to convince her to help with his love. But she won’t fell on him. Circe convinces Oracle to help Hero to help Zeus. She said she will do but for Gaia.

While going Medea suddenly collapse, she needs the water. Oracle pray to Gaia then Hermes shows her the water.

Circe leads them to the cave, after enter they found the temple of Gaia. They try to stop Circe from left, while Medea gather her strength to fight her.

Medea is back for now until night, they are looking for door. Oracle now asks to the god, she tell them he must kiss her so door will open.

After he kissed her, something moving below and time is stopped. Then they notices Chronos.