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Olympus Season 1 Episode 11 The Speed of Time

Hero and Medea try to get out the frozen castle, Hero reminds this cold of last time Zeus try to make him mad. She thinks that make sense.

Hero heard his mother voice, he goes to check. He found his mother, but she mistakes him as Aegeus. She wants him to kiss her, he did and found he kiss Medea.

Daedalus dare Apollo to show himself, he wants him to change the speed. He then notice the time slow, and there is another footage. He is following it, and found him as a boy. He wants him to bring his son back, but he won’t and left.

Hero start to see princess and Oracle fight over him, they ask him to choose. He choose princess, then he found he is kissing Medea again.

Hero notices that it’s Medea that prison them in cold, he start to warm her heart. Daedalus go back to King Minos and Oracle, he wants her to ask her gods about speed of time.

She tells him about what Hero said when he was in temple of Gaia. He thinks the god are rule by nature like them.

Hero after he finish warm up Medea, he found himself in open. He meet his mother Gaia, she tells him that he has to cross the bridge when he is inside olympus.

After wake up he found Daedalus, he tells them about the bridge. Medea thinks only person that can guide him to bridge is Oracle.

Hero and them found she is sleep with King Minos, he threaten King’s life to her. He killed him in front of her.

Medea tells him that now he just sacrifice his soul.