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The Flash Season 1 Episode 14 Fallout

Barry takes Caitlin back to Stein, they found Ronnie. His device works, it separate Ronnie and Stein. He takes them back to lab.

Barry takes Stein back to his house, they are seems happy. Joe tells Barry about blood they found, he found that he travel back to safe his mother.

They tell Wells about this, he said it’s possible but he can’t. Cisco tells them one may know, Barry goes to see Stien. He tells him about some clue that he was back in the past.

Ronnie asking Caitlin to leave star lab with him, while talking soldiers get in the shop and try to get him. He is surrounded by solider, Stein tells Barry about their connection. He asks him to help him.

Ronnie meets General Wade, seem he knows him well as Burning man. Flash shows up but Wade throw something to him, it’s a lot of string that attack to him. Flash down, Caitlin shows up and rescue them.

At lab Stein also shows up, they found he and Ronnie has sync of their brain. They take Ronnie to hide in Joe.

Wade meets with Wells seem they are know each other well, he said he will make the right decision.

Well drug Stein and gives him to Wade, Iris found that the man she met in her house is Burning Man. At lab Wells lies to them that Stein is captured by army, they all want to get him back.

They want to use Ronnie to find where is him, he feels the cold. Wade tells Stein that he wants his firestorm. He won’t help, he start to tortured him.

Ronnie feels that too, he sudden grab the glass and cut himself. He write “where” in his arm, Stein see it and send morse code back where is him.

They found he is at facility #27, Ronnie tells Caitlin he has to goes. She warns him that they are drawn together to merge.

Wells thinks that if they merge again, they can’t separate it again. Wade found that he doesn’t need Stein alive, he is going to kill him. Ronnie found that and tell Flash, he run in and get him out.

Flash is stopped by Wade’s weapon, he tells them to run. He is shot by chemical weapon, Wells tells him to run to get rid of it.

Ronnie decided to merge otherwise they will get killed, Wells tells them this time accepted each other. They merge with Wells’s device, they now can talks and work with each other.

They knock all soldiers now and confront Wade. He throw them ion grenade to destabilize their power. Now they are not burning man anymore, he is going to kill them. Barry shows up and knock him down.

They go back to the lab, they try to separate and it works. But they still needs to leave, star lab is not safe for them.

At night Wade is kidnapped by reverse flash, he shows him his face he is Wells. He takes him to Grodd.