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Olympus Season 1 Episode 10 Heritage

Oracle tells King’s Minos that they must kill Hero before nothing left on earth, Medea escapes from tie and arrive at Pandora’s tomb.

She found Hero in tomb, Oracle and King Minos is looking for Medea. They found she is with Daedalus before, he tells them about tomb.

Medea tells Hero that water is Stynx, as he wears the ring so he won’t pull down. They found the smoke get out the tomb, they run out.

From Athens, they see the fog coming. Medea found that Hero loved princess, and now she is dead. She thinks now one of the rural are completee, Love.

Now he has to sacrifice heritage, she tells her that if he is immortal he might has power to bring mortal from underworld.

They go back to Athens and found no one in city, in prison they found Lykos dead and found Aegeus.

They found that heritage is his forefather’s sword. Daedalus while testing the fog, he heard the voice of his son Icarus.

They found where the heritage should be, but the fog are surround them. Hero and Medea are separate, Hero meet princess. Medea also meet her sons, if they kiss them they will gone with them forever.

Hero and Medea found that heritage must be under the Aegeus’s throne. Hero found the sword, Aegeus shows up. He wants to put him down, they start fight. Hero stabbed him, Medea found them. The fog disappear, and cold start to freeze them.

Medea thinks now he sacrifice his heritage, but now they need to get out before freeze.