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The Flash Season 1 Episode 13 The Nuclear Man

At night Ronnie/Stein goes to see quentin, he wants him to help him. Before he burn up himself.

Today Joe takes Cisco to check the old Barry house to find out how his mother died, At star lab they decided to get Ronnie. Barry remember Stein from the same train, that night Stien is at the star lab when explode.

They go to see his wife, she tells them that she notices Ronnie around her house few times. They decided to stakes out and wait for Ronnie, Caitlin and Wells will be there.

They finally found him, they call Barry. Flash comes in and try to talks to him but he start attack him, they fight. He get Flash, Caitlin stop him before he left.

Cisco and Joe found the mirror that might contain picture of what happen that night, they found the blood that may be belong to one of them who killed. Joe asks him to compare with Wells.

Next day Caitlin, Barry takes Stein’s wife to see him, she convinces him to get help from them. At lab they found that Ronnie try to reject Stien, that generated the heat. Wells worry that he will go to nuclear.

Wells said that only way to stop him is to killed the body, they all against him. Wells found the way to fix him, but Stein leave the city he wants to sacrifice himself.

Barry takes Caitlin to fix him, he did try but it won’t work he explode. Barry get Caitlin out there.

Cisco tell Joe that he found that the other blood he found is come from Barry when Adult.