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Olympus Season 1 Episode 8 Danger and Desire

Daedalus and his bull head are heading to Athens, they try to stop it with arrow but failed. They reach the gate, in its mount there is a drill which make hole at door.

Minos army gets in the city, Lykos try to get Ageaus out but he won’t. Now they are surrounded.

Hero thinks that Chronos is there to protect him, if he died so it. They head back to Athens, there King Minos try to ask them about Hero. His princess killed Pallas.

Hero, Oracle and Queen go back in Athens and meet King Minos, Hero negotiate him for King and family and Athens people. He wants Queen to perform tonight.

Hero tell Queen to ask Daedalus to help them, but Minos princess wants to see Hero. He is taken to see her.

She try to seduce him, but he won’t. Oracle see them kissed, Hero tells her that he will disappear tonight. He wants her to escapes too, princess hear them.

Daedalus tells them about circle he saw, he thinks their answer must be at the center. Hero tells them about plan he want to leave.

Minos princess try to tortured Oracle because of Hero, she wants her to back off. At night Queen start the ceremony, Hero gonna face Chronos again.

He used the chance when Chronos stop time and escape, he face him and tell him that he is just guardian. He disappear, Hero takes this time and escape.

Queen tells King Minos that he is taken by god,