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The Flash Season 1 Episode 12 Crazy For You

Hartley tells Cisco that he knows how to fix Ronnie, tonight Flash help a couple from the accident.

At night a woman teleport herself into the prison, she is shawna. She get in to get her boyfriend out.

Next day Joe and Barry go to check in prison, he found some residue from her. They found her name, they found from his father about her boyfriend. Seem he has to pay his debt.

Cisco takes Hartley to where he saw Ronnie, he shows him the shadows of Stein. He is going to show him where Ronnie is.

Barry and Caitlin just heard that Shawna and her boyfriend just hit the money truck. Flash get there but he can’t catch her, he is shot by her boyfriend.

Barry and Catilin go to check around bar that Shawna and her boyfriend often there. Hartley shows Cisco the tape that he see Stein, he see Stein and Ronny merge together before disappear. Hartley get chances to escape.

Police get in and found Shawn and her boyfriend with his boss. They arrest them except Shawna and her boyfriend.

Next day Cisco tells them Hartley is gone, he tells them about Ronnie. Caitlin tells him that he should let him goes.

They found the next target of Shawna and Clay, Flash rush to there. He fight with her, Wells tells him that she can’t teleport if she can’t see. He start to shut down all light around her, he captured her.